Vehicles 2

Our crazy little vehicles are back! Speed through each of these levels to show off your driving skills in this hilarious flash game – Vehicles 2! We bet you can’t earn all 40 gold stars!


The main goal in Vehicles 2 is simple – using your mouse and various buttons on your keyboard, direct each municipal vehicle through the game, driving off the dark cars and scoring high points. Achieve a high enough score to receive a gold star on each level.

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Play Vehicles 2

Control Keys

Use your mouse to click on the car you wish to move, then click on it again to make it come to a screeching stop. As you play each level, you will be able to use special power ups that will help you complete the level with a high enough score to receive a gold star. To activate these power ups, simply press the spacebar on your keyboard, or you can click the “Power” button at the bottom center of your screen, then click on the municipal car you want to use. In addition, you can also press the “R” key on your keyboard to restart a level if you have made a mistake.

Each municipal car has a different power up that it uses in order to perform various actions.

  • Police car – Quick U-Turns
  • Ambulance –  Reactive Jumps
  • Fire Trucks – Reactive Engine

Vehicles 2

Main Menu

The game begins with an introduction video. After watching this video (or you can skip past it), you will be given the main menu screen. On this menu you will find many different options that you can select: Play, Editor, and Credits. The editor button will open a screen where you can create your own levels! You are given all the vehicles, tools, and necessary platforms to build any type of level you want, making for a truly difficult game! Once you’ve completed building your level, you can then test it out to determine just how difficult it is, then share it with other players!


By selecting the “Play” option in the main menu, you can begin playing the game. There are 40 levels in Vehicles 2, and they are divided up based on the type of scenes you will come across. The first 10 levels are titled “Driving School”. In these levels, you will learn the basic concept of the game, how to move each of your municipal cars, learn how to use their power up skills, and much more. This is a great tutorial for anyone who has never played the game.

Vehicles 2

Levels 11-20 are appropriately titled “Municipality”. In these levels you are primarily using your municipal vehicles, as well as various other “good” cars that are more than willing to help you achieve your goals. While some levels in this category may include a few dark cars for you to remove, the main goal of this section is to help you learn how to use various objects, cars, and your surroundings to your benefit.

The Remove Dark category, which includes levels 21-30, is packed full of various dark cars that you need to remove off the playing field in various ways in order to complete each level. Using the skills you’ve learned in the previous levels will help you greatly throughout this category.

The final category is title Skill Levels, and it includes levels 31-40. These levels are the most difficult in the game, and are designed to let you test your ability to problem-solve. Completing these levels will definitely earn you some bragging rights!

The main object in all 40 levels is to complete each one with as many points as possible, earning a gold star on every level. Do you think you have the skills to receive all 40 gold stars?

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