Vehicles 4

Vehicles 4 is a remarkably designed, fun to play flash game for children and adults. Enjoy the impressive graphics, improved user customizations, and challenging levels. This game is sure to keep you thinking while you try to unlock all 35 levels. Do you have the skills to complete them all?

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How to Play

Vehicles 4 closely resembles one of the earlier versions in this series. The object of the game is to use the municipal cars – police car, fire truck, and ambulance – to push the bad black cars off the screen. To do this, you may need to use some of the special ability skills or other objects throughout the game.


Vehicles 4 – Level Pack features a few very simple hotkey to make playing the game easy enough for even young children to enjoy. Left click with your mouse on the municipal cars to start their engines and move forward. Then click them again to make them stop. Press the spacebar to activate the special ability skills for each of the municipal vehicles. By pressing the “R” key on your keyboard, you can quickly restart the level if you’ve realized you made a mistake.

Vehicles 4

Special Ability Skills

Each of the municipal vehicles have their own special power that can help you complete each level of the game. For instance, the police car can make an instant U-turn. The fire truck has a reactive engine ability, which basically uses the pressure from its fire hose as a built in jet-pack to shoot him across the screen – but be careful while using this skill! It’s easy to make the fire truck shoot himself off a cliff! The ambulance’s special ability skill is a reactive jump, which can make him jump very high in the air to land on a platform above or jump over objects standing in his way.

Vehicles Level Pack


Vehicles 4 features over 30 levels for you to enjoy. These levels are split into categories – Driving School, Extra Levels, Some More Levels, and Skill Levels. The 10 levels included in the Driving School section are pretty self-explanatory. These levels are your tutorial levels, designed to teach you the basics of the game, which cars are good and which are bad, and the hotkey controls. The other three categories become much more difficult. Both, the Extra Levels and Some More Levels categories include 10 levels each, while the Skill Levels includes only five.

If you get tired of playing these levels, you may want to go back to the main menu and check out the “Editor” mode. In this mode you can create your own levels and share them with your friends!