Vehicles 3

The bad little dark cars are back and its up to you to save the city from their malicious plans. Speed, crush, and ram the black cars to smithereens in this cute and funny game – Vehicles 3: Car Toons!

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How to Play

The main objective in Vehicles 3 is to complete all of the levels with a high enough score to achieve 3 stars on every level. To do this, drive the necessary municipal cars through the maze and push the mean dark cars off the screen. The key controls in this game are very simple – you only need your mouse! Click on the municipal car that you want to use in each level to start its engine and make it move in the direction it is facing. When you want to stop, simply click on the car again.


There are a total of 36 levels to complete in Vehicles 3 – each one is progressively more difficult than the last. The first few levels are primarily tutorial levels, designed to help you learn the basic concept and controls of the game. As you progress, the levels become much more difficult! As you complete each level, you may reach various achievements! Unlock all of the achievements to show off your skills!

Vehicles 3


Throughout each of the 36 levels, you can complete up to 16 different achievements. These achievements can be as simple as clicking on a sponsor’s link, or as difficult as completing a certain number of levels before the timer runs out.

  • Novice – Complete 12 levels
  • Driver - Complete 24 levels
  • Professional – Complete 36 levels
  • Good Parking – Occupy all the parking spaces in 12 levels
  • Next to the Mall – Occupy all the parking spaces in 24 levels
  • All Occupied – Occupy all the parking spaces in 36 levels
  • Very Easy – Complete 12 levels before the timer runs out
  • Full Speed Ahead – Complete 24 levels before the timer runs out
  • High Speed - Complete 36 levels before the timer runs out
  • Protect the Law – Ram 10 bad cars off the screen
  • Brutal Law – Ram 20 bad cars off the screen
  • We Serve, We Care – Ram 30 bad cars off the screen
  • Use the Force – Use special abilities 15 times
  • Jedi – Use special abilities 30 times
  • Charity Act – Click on a sponsors link
  • Trust - Rate the game with a high score

Vehicles 3 level 6

Special Abilities

Each of the municipal cars that you use throughout the game comes equipped with some amazing special abilities. These abilities include jumping, using water rockets to increase your speed, and making u-turns instantly.