Vehicles 2 Walkthrough

Vehicles 2 can be defined as a challenging, yet entertaining game for children and adults to play in their spare time. Due to the challenging levels, we have developed this walkthrough article to help you through each level.


Driving School

Levels 1 through 10 are designed to be tutorial levels, giving you plenty of practice using the controls and learning the basic operations of the game. It introduces you to the primary municipal vehicles you will use, the bad black vehicles you need to remove from the screen, as well as various objects you can use throughout the game to complete each level.


These levels become slightly more difficult than the previous tutorial levels. In these levels you’ll be introduced to additional vehicles that can help you, as well as more challenging obstacles to overcome.

  • Level 11 – This level introduces you to the purple vehicles. Purple vehicles are considered neutral cars, but they often help the municipal vehicles throughout various levels. To complete this level, drive the two purple vehicles under the suspended iron bar, then click the black and white block to allow the iron bar to drop down onto the purple cars. Next, drive the fire truck onto the iron bar and park it there temporarily. Finally, carefully drive the purple cars to the next platform to allow the fire truck to drive to the station and put out the fire using its special ability.
  • Level 12 – To complete this level, use the ambulance’s ability to jump to the higher level platform and drive onto the black and white block, making sure it is close enough to the sign to activate it. The sign will turn the ambulance in the direction indicated with the arrow. Then, click the black and white striped block to lower the ambulance back to the lower level. Drive the ambulance through the drawbridge to lower the drawbridge and go to the right side of the bridge. Once you’re close enough to the police car, use the ambulance’s ability again to jump over the police car while driving the police car under the ambulance and into the police’s parking zone. Then quickly drive the ambulance into it’s own parking zone to complete the level.
  • Level 13 – Drive the police car until it touches the red dot. The red dot will activate the lever that the black car is parked on, lowering the lever until it hits the bomb below.

Remove Dark

Levels 21-30 are all about removing the dark cars from the screen. These levels feature much more difficult challenges, tougher obstacles, and take more time to complete than the previous levels. In many of the levels in this section, you will need to use multiple municipal vehicles to work together to achieve a common goal – removing the bad black cars from the city.

Skill Levels

Levels 31 through 40 are all about testing your skill level! These levels are the most difficult in the game, and require a lot more work to achieve that impressive gold star! They require quick thinking, but they are loads of fun! Do you have the skills to become a Vehicles 2 master?