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Immerse yourself in a good old fashioned strategy game filled with puzzles and obstacles in this delightfully challenging game – Vehicles! Can you figure out all of the puzzles? Try it now to find out!

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How to Play

The objective of every level in Vehicles is simple; do whatever it takes to push the dark colored cars off the screen while keeping the lighter colored cars within the playing area. To push the dark colored cars off the screen, click on the light colored cars or use other objects available in the game to help you.. This will make the car move. There are many types of light colored and dark colored cars, each offering different abilities and difficulties. For instance, while the race car is a great option to use if you want to speed around a curve to push a dark car off a cliff, but its speed can also cause both cars to tumble down the never-ending dropoff.

In addition to using the vehicles provided to you in every level, some levels may also include special tools to help you such as signs that change the way your vehicle is facing or large tires heavy enough to push off any heavy-duty dark vehicle.

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At the end of each level you receive a total score based on how well you completed the level. Gain a high enough score to achieve a gold star on each level.


Vehicles offers 25 basic levels and an additional 10 mega levels. As you progress through each level, things become increasingly harder. The first few levels in the basic levels category could be considered tutorial steps – designed to teach you the basic operations of the game.

  • Level 1 - Click on the car to make it move forward, then click on it again to stop. Try to stop the car within the green zone.
  • Level 2 – Click on the dark car to drive it off the cliff. Keep in mind that the fat cars are much heavier than the smaller cars, so clicking on them won’t work. For these type of cars you need to use another vehicle to plow into it, pushing it off the edge.
  • Level 3 – In this level you are introduced to signs that can change the direction your car is facing when it gets close enough. This is a major advantage in later levels. In addition, you are also introduced to removable strip blocks. Click the removable strip block to make it disappear and drop what it is elevating.
  • Level 4 – In this level you need to reach 1,300 points to clear the level and receive a gold star. To do this, park the car in the green zone then drop the block and beam suspended above by clicking the removable beams that are holding them up.
  • Level 5 – This level teaches you a very valuable tip – by parking your cars within the green parking zone, you automatically will receive 1,000 points. Keep this tip in mind in the later levels if you find yourself struggling to achieve the gold star.


  • Level 6 – This level introduces you to how to use other objects to your advantage. For instance, in this level, you will need to ram the iron block at a very high speed. To do this, click on the blue car. While it is going through the loop, click on the removable block to allow it to enter the lower level and ram into the dark car sitting in front of the iron block. Pay attention, though – you want to stop that speedy little race car in time to stay within the green parking zone before it tumbles over the edge with the block and dark car.

As you complete levels, new things will unlock. For instance, in order to unlock the Reskin and Final Clip options on the Level Select page, you will first need to complete all 35 levels.